Automotive Technology Internship in Japan


Building Tokyo’s hottest supercars

The Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation (TGEC) is seeking letters of interest–not applications, yet–for its emerging automotive technology program.  The instructional purpose of this new program will be, simply, to teach participants how to construct street-legal supercars in Tokyo.

This program cannot be reconciled with the Corporation’s environmentally-protective philosophy; however, because the automobiles constructed are to be auctioned for charitable purposes, there is a momentary, public benefit, and, as such, the Corporation is willing to manage such a program.  Moreover, to the extent that program participants can create environmentally-friendly versions of popular supercars, this would be preferable.

The program’s weekly “field trips,” from specialty junkyards on the outskirts of the Kanto Plain that cater to wrecked racing cars, to tours of the hottest custom auto shops in the Tokyo area, ensure that any participant will know how to construct a powerful supercar in the world’s largest metropolitan area from scratch.

Though completed projects must remain the Corporation’s property until auctioned, verifying projects’ top speeds in a controlled (race track) setting is an integral part of the research process, and all participants are guaranteed individual opportunities to operate their projects in such settings.  Supervised street use can be made available to licensed participants. 

Whether you’d like to know whether there are enough like-new pieces of Lamborghini Diablos, scattered around Tokyo like a Zelda video game, to enable construction of a fully-operational chimera, or whether you’d like to use the latest, cutting-edge automotive technology to find new and improved ways of causing observers to gawk in awe, this prospective program may be exactly what you’re seeking.

Persons having interest should send letters expressing such to the Corporation’s Public Affairs office, via the e-mail address listed on this website’s CONTACT page.  After a certain number of persons have expressed genuine interest, the Corporation will assemble and formally advertise the program, and solicit applications.

NOTE: The TGEC automotive technology program is distinctly different from the TGEC automotive engineering design team.  Automotive technology, in this case, involves learning how to construct supercars–and doing it, with one new street-legal TGEC supercar every six months.  Automotive engineering, on the other hand, involves creating theoretical designs of transportation means, not constructing them, and presenting the designs in an academic publication.  In either case, academic credit can be awarded.


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